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About company

About Us
Company "Tehnomir" was founded in 2006. We offer sales and service of industrial equipment for industrial plants, warehouses and construction organizations. The company employs more than 30 people. Average work experience of employees in the industry is 8 years. The company's assets are entirely located in the Kaliningrad region. We supply industrial compressors and diesel generators throughout the our region. All equipment is delivered from a warehouse in Kaliningrad. Deliver bespoke industrial and construction equipment. Our services is delivery and installation of storage equipment. Forklifts in stock and on order.


Our Services
We sell construction machinery and industrial equipment, repair and sourcing parts. The company "Tehnomir" repair and maintenance of compressors and diesel generators of all brands. Supply of equipment for warehouses and storage facilities. Any loaders and lifts.
Our customers
Industry - supplying equipment, generators, compressors and spare parts. We supply stationary compressors, compressed air treatment systems and accessories.
Warehouses - We supply shelving, forklifts, hoists, hydraulic loaders and warehouse equipment.
Construction - We supply diesel compressors, generators, wheel loaders, forklifts, excavators, crawler and wheeled excavators, telehandlers, construction equipment and machinery for agriculture.
Our repair service
We are working on the market of the Kaliningrad region. 90% of our customers - it's industrial enterprises. Our key principles - honesty and professionalism.